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04 June 19

Sudan’s military council calls snap elections after protesters killed

Sudan’s ruling military council has cancelled all previous agreements with opposition groups and called for snap elections after security forces killed at least 35 people on Monday.

04 June 19

Sudan: At least 35 killed as security forces crackdown on protesters

Protesters in Sudan say at least 35 people have been killed after security forces stormed their main camp in the capital, Khartoum.

03 June 19

Hemedti: The feared military leader looking most likely to seize power in Sudan

With Omar al-Bashir ousted as Sudan’s long-serving president in April, the great question hanging over the country’s political landscape is who will be in charge of taking the country forward. The protest groups that demanded regime change for so many
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30 May 19

Sudan: Pregnant woman killed during security forces clash

A pregnant woman was killed in Sudan’s capital city on Wednesday after security forces started firing upon each other.

16 May 19

Sudan: Clashes kill several as talks between military, protesters stall

At least five Sudanese protesters and one security officer were killed during violent clashes in Khartoum on Monday.

30 April 19

Sudan’s military council and protesters discuss power deal

Leaders from Sudan’s protests movement and members of the country’s military council are holding talks to discuss the formation of a transitional government.

15 April 19

Sudan: Protesters demand civilian ruler as military purges top officials

Protesters in Sudan are calling upon the country’s military to “immediately and unconditionally” hand power over to transitional government led by civilians.

11 April 19

Sudan: Omar al-Bashir steps down as president

Reports are emerging that Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir ha stepped down as the country’s leader after months of protests.


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