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25 November 19

Ethiopia: Sidama votes in favour of creating autonomous state

Residents of Ethiopia’s Sidama region have voted overwhelmingly in favour of creating a new autonomous state for the ethnic group.

01 September 19

Ethiopia set 13 November date for Sidama referendum

The government o Ethiopia has announced it will hold a referendum on 13 November for the Sidama ethnic group to vote on creating a 10th autonomous region.

29 July 19

Ethiopia: Dozens killed in Sidama clashes

At least 25 people have been killed in clashes between security forces and activists in Ethiopia’s southern Sidama region.

18 July 19

Ethiopia plans 10th state referendum to ease autonomy demands

Ethiopia’s National Election Board has announced plans to hold a referendum on creating a 10th regional state for the Sidama ethnic group after activists promised to declare a new region for themselves on Thursday.


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