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28 August 19

Ethiopian police caught assaulting man in viral video

Two policemen in Ethiopia have gone viral in a video which shows them assaulting a man already retrained in handcuffs.

18 June 19

Eritrea: Social media movement aims to topple president

A social media campaign driven by Eritreans living outside of the country is calling for an end to President Isaias Afwerki’s regime.

28 February 19

Millions of people in Uganda have stopped using the internet due to new social media tax

Millions of people in Uganda have stopped using the internet after the government introduced new tax regulations for social media use and mobile money transactions.

30 June 18

Uganda introduces new tax on social media users

Uganda’s government has introduced a new tax law that means people have to pay to use popular social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

31 July 17

Kenya: Facebook rolls out tool to combat fake news ahead of polls

Facebook has rolled out a new tool to help users in Kenya spot fake news ahead of this week’s presidential election.

14 September 16

Can Social Media Help Build a Better Africa?

There’s no denying the impact social media has had on the geopolitical landscape. Its perceived role in the Arab Spring uprisings between 2010 and 2014 hinted at the power a connected world can have. The phrase Twitter revolution is now
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12 July 16

Ethiopia Blocks Social Media for Exams Period

Ethiopia has blocked access to Facebook and other popular social networks during the university entrance exam period.

04 March 16

Court Frees Nyeri Blogger Accused Insulting Governor’s Brother

A 25-year-old blogger, who was accused of insulting the brother of a Nyeri Governor, has been released after a court found her arrest was incorrectly handled.


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