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20 June 18

Big Tobacco’s big deception

South Africa’s Revenue Service (SARS) is boosting the reach of its investigative units as it raises the stakes in the fight against the country’s illegal tobacco trade, according to a recent announcement by Acting Commissioner Mark Kingon. The SARS initiative
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07 March 18

Kenya bans South African meat products over listeria scare

Kenya has banned the import and sale of processed meat products from South Africa due to a listeria outbreak that has killed at least 180 people.

30 December 17

Rwanda bans imports from South Africa over deadly virus outbreak

Rwanda has banned the importation of meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit from South Africa over an outbreak of listeriosis viral disease.

28 February 17

What’s behind the ‘xenophobic’ attacks in South Africa?

On Friday, a group calling themselves the “Mamelodi Concerned Residents” marched against South Africa’s immigration laws in the country’s capital, Pretoria. The protest sparked a wave of looting shops owned by foreign nationals – particularly Somali immigrants – which prompted clashes
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16 March 16

South Africa: Government Loses Appeal Over Failed Bashir Arrest

South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal by the country’s government and ruled its failure to arrest Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir was unlawful.

22 February 16

First Zika Virus Case Confirmed in South Africa

South Africa has confirmed its first case of the Zika virus as health authorities in some countries advise women not to become pregnant.


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