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12 August 16

Riek Machar Flees South Sudan Again

South Sudan’s two-time former vice president has fled the country again after recent violence in the capital, Juba.

18 July 16

South Sudan: Kiir Threatens to Oust Machar Once Again

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has threatened to replace Vice-President Riek Machar, according to reports.

18 July 16

Failed State: Was South Sudan Doomed From the Start?

Following the latest armed clashes in Juba, South Sudan’s status as a failed state seems confirmed. A ceasefire order from President Kiir just about prevented all-out civil war last week. But the extent of violence seen in the capital recently
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03 July 16

South Sudan Accuses Donors for Not Supporting Peace

South Sudan’s government has accused international donors of failing to support the nation’s peace process.

15 June 16

US, Britain Push for War Crimes Court in South Sudan

The United States and Britain have both pledged to support an African Union (AU) effort to establish a war crimes court in South Sudan.

02 June 16

UN Renews Sanctions Against South Sudan

The United Nations has unanimously voted to renew and extend sanctions against the country of South Sudan.

22 May 16

South Sudan: Government Considers Lifting Upper Nile State of Emergency

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has given the green light to high-level talks that could lift the state of emergency declaration for the Upper Nile Region.


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