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07 November 18

UN: Thousands of child soldiers still in South Sudan military camps

The United Nations has warned that thousands of child soldiers in South Sudan remain in military camps, unlikely to be freed due to a lack of funds for aid agencies fighting for their release.

31 October 18

South Sudan: Fresh peace deal signed as Riek Machar returns to Juba

South Sudan’s leaders have signed a fresh peace deal as Riek Machar returns to Juba for the first time since he fled the capital more than two years ago.

28 September 18

South Sudan President orders army to abide by ceasefire following skirmishes

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has ordered the army and security forces to fully observe the country’s ceasefire, following a number of breaches in parts of the country.

27 September 18

Study: South Sudan war has killed almost 400,000 people

A new study looking into South Sudan’s civil conflict says the countries war has killed almost 400,000 people since it began in 2013 – far higher than previous estimates.

19 September 18

Amnesty International: South Sudan army burned civilians alive

Amnesty International has accused South Sudan’s army of systematically killing and abusing civilians, detailing horrific human rights abuses in its latest report on military’s conduct during the country’s civil war.

28 August 18

South Sudan rebels refuse to sign latest peace deal

South Sudan’s leading rebel group has refused to sign the latest draft of a peace deal, weeks after the country announced its five-year civil war had ended.

21 August 18

South Sudan: Can any peace deal involving Kiir and Machar last?

South Sudan’s leaders once again claim the country’s civil war is over – something we’ve heard numerous times before. Of course, this time they tell us it’s different and, in many ways, it is – but there are two key
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30 July 18

South Sudan MPs given $40,000 to buy cards

Lawmakers in South Sudan are set to receive $40,000 loans to buy luxury cars, it was announced on Thursday.

26 July 18

What do we know about about South Sudan’s power-sharing deal?

South Sudan’s warring political rivals signed a power-sharing deal on Wednesday – the latest attempt to bring an end to the country’s five-year civil war.

26 July 18

South Sudan: Leaders sign power-sharing deal to end civil war

South Sudan’s warring leaders have signed a power-sharing deal aimed at bringing an end to the country’s five-year civil war.


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