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06 August 19

Sudan: Details of constitutional declaration emerge

On Sunday, Sudan’s ruling military council and opposition protest leaders signed a constitutional declaration, paving the way for a transitional government to rule the country over the next three years, until elections are held.

04 August 19

Sudan army, protesters reach ‘full agreement’ on constitutional declaration

Sudan’s ruling military council and the country’s main opposition coalition have reached an agreement to form a transitional government after months of protests.

04 August 19

Sudan army says bank security to blame for killing schoolchildren at protest

Sudan’s ruling military council has blamed a bank’s security force for killing six people, including four schoolchildren, during a protest in El-Obeid earlier this week.

01 August 19

Sudan suspends schools after students killed in protests

Authorities in Sudan have suspended all schools as of Wednesday after four students were killed during protests.

16 July 19

Sudan: Night protests held after civilian killed

Dozens of protesters marched in the streets of Khartoum on Monday night, this time over the killing of a civilian the previous day, allegedly by paramilitaries.

05 July 19

Sudan: Military and opposition agree power-sharing deal

Sudan’s ruling military council and opposition leaders have agreed terms on a power-sharing deal, according to mediators.

01 July 19

Sudan: At least 10 people killed in latest protest violence

At least 10 people have been killed in the latest round of protests in Sudan with tens of thousands walking the streets of Khartoum to demonstrate against the country’s ruling military council.

27 June 19

South Sudan offers to mediate Sudan negotiations

South Sudan’s government has offered to mediate negotiation between Sudan’s ruling military council and opposition protesters.

21 June 19

Kenya: Police break up Sudan solidarity protest

Police in Kenya fired teargas and violently dispersed hundreds of people participating in peaceful demonstrations on Wednesday, calling for an end to violence against protesters in Sudan.

19 June 19

Amidst Sudan internet outage, Instagram users turn profile pictures blue in support

Sudan’s ongoing political crisis has captured the world’s attention and authorities in the country have responded by blocking internet services.


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