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01 July 20

Sudan: One person killed in protests demanding faster reforms

One person has been killed and several others injured during protests in Sudan, a government spokesman has confirmed.

04 March 20

EU pledges €100 to support ‘democratic transition’ in Sudan

The European Union (EU) has pledged €100 million to support Sudan’s civilian-led government in its ongoing transition towards a democratic system.

24 December 19

Sudan 2019: What has changed a year on from revolution?

In December 2018, a protest movement in Sudan emerged as a voice against the country’s economic demise, but it would go on to become an anti-government drive that would result in the country’s most significant change for three decades. It
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30 November 19

Sudan repeals public order law, moves to dissolve former ruling party

Sudan’s transitional government has repealed a public order law used to regulate women’s behaviour and moved to dissolve the former ruling government of Omar al-Bashir that introduced the law.

06 August 19

Sudan: Details of constitutional declaration emerge

On Sunday, Sudan’s ruling military council and opposition protest leaders signed a constitutional declaration, paving the way for a transitional government to rule the country over the next three years, until elections are held.


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