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19 April 19

South Sudan says oil flow into Sudan will continue despite unrest

South Sudan Minister of Petroleum has said the flow of oil into Sudan will continue despite the political upheaval currently taking place there.

15 April 19

Sudan: Protesters demand civilian ruler as military purges top officials

Protesters in Sudan are calling upon the country’s military to “immediately and unconditionally” hand power over to transitional government led by civilians.

11 April 19

Sudan: Omar al-Bashir steps down as president

Reports are emerging that Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir ha stepped down as the country’s leader after months of protests.

10 April 19

Sudan: Police order officers not to intervene in protests

Police in Sudan have ordered officers not to intervene in protests as thousands of demonstrators march outside the army’s headquarters in the capital Khartoum.

13 March 19

Sudan cuts state of emergency to six months

Sudan’s parliament has approved a nation-wide state of emergency of six months in place of the one-year period ordered by President Omar al-Bashir last month.

11 March 19

Sudan: Bashir orders release of detained female protesters

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has ordered the release of all women protesters detained during months of nationwide demonstrations.

26 February 19

Sudan: Bashir bans protests as state of emergency fails to end demonstrations

Sudan President Omar al-Bahir on Monday banned unlicensed public gatherings and all forms of protests.

23 February 19

Sudan: President declares year-long state of emergency

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has declared a year-long state of emergency following weeks of protests calling for him to step down.

06 February 19

Sudan reopens border with Eritrea after year-long closure

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has reopened the border with Eritrea, which had been closed since early January 2018.

31 January 19

Sudan army insists it won’t let state fall to protesters

The Sudanese army has issued a statement insisting it will not allow the state to fall as weeks of anti-government protests continue.


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