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05 November 19

Kenya population reaches 47.6m, census reveals

Kenya’s population has increased by nine million over the past decade, official 2019 census data has revealed.

29 August 19

Somali Greenpeace Association launches tree planting project

A local youth-led organisation in Somalia which is working under the vision of “Make Somalia Green” has launched a tree planting project in the capital of Mogadishu. During the inauguration ceremony, Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Buule, founder of the project, expressed
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24 July 17

Lessons from China: The pros and cons of rapid development

The rapid economic development of countries like Ethiopia and Rwanda are well documented. Or, more accurately, the benefits of Africa’s economic surge are widely applauded but the potential downsides of growing too much, too quickly are rarely discussed. Yet the
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07 July 17

Can East Africa empower its young, growing population?

East African populations are among the youngest and fastest growing in the world. Recent studies put population growth at roughly three times the global average and estimates suggest four billion people will be living in Africa by 2100. The concern
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11 May 16

UN: El Niño Not One-Off Event, Action Needed

The President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has warned the international community that more is needed to avert humanitarian crises due from future El Niño weather shifts.


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