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26 February 18

9 opportunities and challenges shaping Africa’s future

African development has made impressive strides over the past few decades and, despite a slowdown in growth in recent years, steady economic growth is forecast for 2018 and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future. Even still,
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19 October 17

Renewable energy experts to meet in Rwanda

More than 200 renewable energy experts are meeting in Rwanda today to discuss the country’s green energy prospects.

20 July 17

Tanzania named Africa’s best safari destination

Tanzania has been named as Africa’s best safari destination by the largest online marketplace for African safari tours.

29 June 17

Tanzania plans hydropower dam on UNESCO Heritage Site

Tanzania is planning to build a hydropower dam on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, raising concerns over the potential impact on local wildlife.

21 June 17

Why is manufacturing still not driving East African economies?

East Africa isn’t without its economic success stories. Ethiopia and Rwanda are two of the region’s most exciting economies and Tanzania could be lining itself up as a rising force in the region. However, they – and the more established
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11 June 17

As investment grows Africa needs to master sustainable tourism quickly

Rapid development is at the heart of Africa’s economic rise and investors from around the world are keen to claim their stake in the continent’s growth. The influx of revenue coming into African nations is transforming countries across the continent, but
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23 March 17

East Africa’s green energy goals pose challenges before solutions

Collectively, East African nations have some of the most ambitious green energy goals in the world. Like many parts of the “developing” world, it makes little sense for Africa to invest further in non-renewable power. The key to prosperity for
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30 September 16

African Nations Urged to Invest in ‘Blue Economy’

African nations should invest more into the blue economy – which includes fisheries, marine biotechnology, aquaculture, tourism and transport – according to African ministers.

27 May 16

Kenya: Nairobi Shortlisted for Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Cities Project

The Kenyan capital Nairobi has been shortlisted to be included in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities project.


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