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17 October 19

Ethiopia turns to drones for food security boost

Ethiopia’s Agriculture Transformation Agency (ATA) is using drones and satellites to help improve the country’s food security prospects.

09 October 19

Rwanda launches first smartphones ‘Made in Africa’

Pan-African conglomerate Mara Group has launched the first two “Made in Africa” smartphones in Rwanda.

02 October 19

South Sudan launches first mobile money service

Technology firms in South Sudan have launched the country’s first mobile money service.

26 September 19

Africa’s tech boom will save economies and ruin lives

A lot is being said about the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation in every country around the world. Many experts argue that we’re on the edge of an employment crisis as machines continue to take more
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23 July 19

How Africa’s technology drive is being hijacked

Africa has become one of the most active regions in the world in terms of technology innovation. The most present example on a daily basis has been the rapid adoption of mobile technology, which seen the continent essentially leapfrog fixed-line
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19 June 19

Ethiopia: Internet restored after week-long outage

Internet and text messaging services were restored in Ethiopia on Tuesday after a week-long outage.

02 January 19

Rwanda opens first public coding school

Rwanda has opened its first public coding school where sixty selected students will begin their studies in software programming.

24 November 18

This non-profit wants to pay refugees to train AI algorithms

According to the latest figures from UNHCR, there are approximately 30 million refugees and asylum seekers around the world, plus a further 40 million people internally displaced within their own countries -totalling 68.5 million people worldwide. The global refugee crisis is
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28 February 18

Why 2017 was the year Africa’s tech startup scene really kicked off

Africa has been gaining attention in the tech scene for a number of years now, but the excitement surrounding Africa’s technology prospects focuses on its potential rather than the current state of things. Africa is a continent to watch with
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31 January 18

Rwanda’s first robotics boot camp aims to inspire students

Rwanda’s first robotics boot camp has come to a close after a three-week programme designed to inspire secondary school students.


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