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03 July 16

Kenya: 6 Killed in Al-Shabaab Bus Attack

Al-Shabaab has killed at least six people in an attack on two buses in Kenya’s Mandera County.

27 May 16

Kenya: Police Says 2 ISIS Suspects Arrested, Attacks Foiled

Police in Kenya say they have arrested two ISIS suspects in the country’s capital, foiling attacks allegedly planned for Nairobi and Mombassa.

27 April 16

ISIS Claims Its First Attack In Somalia

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a terror attack in Somalia – its first carried out in East Africa.

19 April 16

Somalia: AU Troops Kill 4 Civilians, mistaken for Al-Shabaab Militants

African Union (AU) peacekeeping troops in Somalia have killed four civilians after reportedly mistaking them for Al-Shabaab militants.

14 April 16

ISIS Expands into East Africa With New Militant Group

A new terrorist group calling itself Jahba East Africa has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

12 April 16

Somalia: Explosion Kills 5, Injures 7 in Mogadishu

A car bomb explosion outside a busy Mogadishu restaurant killed five people and injured a further seven on Monday.

28 March 16

115 Al-Shabaab Fighters Killed in Somalia

At least 115 Al-Shabaab militants have been killed and more than 100 others arrested across four days of fighting with security forces in Somalia.

27 March 16

Kenya: 38 Injured in Security Scare at Kenyatta University

At least 38 students and staff were injured during a security scare at Kenyatta University on Friday.

26 March 16

Kenya President to Attend Trade, Peace Talks in France and Germany

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta will travel to France and Germany next month to attend trade and peace talks in the two nations.

10 March 16

US: 150 Al-Shabaab Fighters Killed in Air Strike on Somali Training Camp

The US claims to have killed more than 150 Al-Shabaab fighters in a drone attack carried out on one of the group’s training camps in Somalia.


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