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01 November 21

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Aby Ahmed Calls on Citizens to Join Armed Conflict Against Tigrayan Rebels

The prime minister of Ethiopia Aby Ahmed is now calling on his citizens to join the armed conflict against the Tigray People’s Liberation Force. In a Facebook post written on Sunday, Aby called on the public to “defend, repulse, and
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30 October 21

Tigray War Could Put Ethiopian Textile Industry at Risk Amid looming US Sanctions

The armed conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region is threatening to put the country’s textile industry in jeopardy. At the moment, Ethiopia is one of few countries that enjoy duty-free exports to the US. This has allowed its textile industry to
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27 October 21

Ethiopia Has Fallen Out with Its European and US Allies as The War in Tigray Continues to Rage

The ongoing conflict in the northern region of Tigray in Ethiopia is threatening the peace and stability of the Horn of Africa nation. The conflict, which pits the Tigray People’s Liberation Front or the TPLF and the Ethiopian government, has
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12 October 21

Ethiopia’s Military Begins Large Scale Ground Assault Against Rebel Positions in Tigray

The Ethiopian Army has begun a full-scale ground assault against rebel positions in Tigray. According to the rebels, the army is closing in on all fronts using heavy artillery, jets, and drone attacks. The rebels also note that they were
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22 April 21

Ethiopia: UN issues first statement on Tigray conflict

The United Nation Security Council has issued its first statement on the conflict taking place in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, more than months after national troops marched into the region.

23 March 21

Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed acknowledges Tigray atrocities

Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed acknowledged that reports indicate atrocities have been committed in the country’s Tigray conflict.

28 February 21

Ethiopia: US report documents ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Tigray region

A US government report obtained by The New York Times accuses Ethiopia of carrying out “a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing” under the guise of civil war in the country’s Tigray region.

10 February 21

EU accuses Eritrea of fuelling Ethiopian conflict

The European Union (EU) has accused Eritrean troops of fuelling conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region between local forces and the federal government.

08 February 21

Ethiopia: Tigray opposition parties estimate 50,000+ civilian deaths

Opposition groups in Ethiopia’s Tigray region say at least 50,000 civilians have been killed since conflict broke out between local forces and the federal military three months ago.

20 January 21

Ethiopia: Fear of mass starvation amid Tigray crisis

Hundreds of thousands of people may starve to death in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, according to a government official quoted in leaked notes from a meeting of humanitarian workers.


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