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26 February 20

Kagame, Museveni fail to end year-long diplomatic impasse during border meeting

Ugandan and Rwandan leaders meet at border flashpoint of Katuna but return to respective capitals after only agreeing extradition treaties against political prisoners and dissidents Frosty relations between Uganda and Rwanda will continue to bubble for another forty-five days at
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01 September 19

Ethiopia eyes economic reforms to ease forex shortage

Ethiopia’s government says it is considering significant economic reforms as part of an effort to ease the country’s foreign currency shortage.

16 August 19

Kenya sells first crude oil export – to China

Kenya has sold its first export of crude oil to a Chinese state-owned petroleum multinational firm.

16 March 19

Uganda accuses Rwanda of economic sabotage

Uganda’s foreign ministry has accused Rwanda of economic sabotage as relations between the neighbouring countries continue to deteriorate.

15 October 18

Eritrea and Ethiopia start trading over newly open border

After 20 years of bitter conflict, the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is officially open for business and merchants are trading freely across the former war zone.

30 September 18

African governments still aren’t doing enough to open internal trade

In March this year, more than 40 African leaders signed a free trade pact that aims to make it easier for countries across the continent to produce, sell and do business across borders. Intra-African trade is key to sustainable development
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21 September 18

China in Africa: Mutual partnerships or economic colonialism?

China’s aggressive investment in Africa over the past two decades has divided opinion, with many from the West calling out China’s economic interests as a new form of colonialism. What can’t be debated is the numbers: between 2003-2014, Chinese investment
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25 April 18

East Africa’s drug shortage problem is only getting worse

Countries in the East Africa Community (EAC) currently produce just 30 percent of the medicine needed across the region, importing the rest from overseas. The inability of local pharmaceutical actors to provide low-cost medicines at the volume required by the citizens of
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13 April 18

The rise of Djibouti as a global military, economic force

Djibouti is one of the world’s smallest and most water-scarce nations in the world. Yet the tiny Horn of Africa nation is establishing itself as a global military and economic force that’s indispensable to powerhouse nations like the US and
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07 March 18

Kenya bans South African meat products over listeria scare

Kenya has banned the import and sale of processed meat products from South Africa due to a listeria outbreak that has killed at least 180 people.


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