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05 May 17

US approves military helicopter sale to Kenya

The Unites States government has approved the sale of twelve American-made helicopter gunships to Keny, as the country seeks to further build its military in the face of growing insecurity.

21 April 17

Will Somalia benefit from Trump throwing his military weight around?

When Trump won the US presidential election late last year there was a global sense that something big – and perhaps not all that positive – had just happened. Talk of building walls, banning Muslims and rewriting international trade deals
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13 April 17

US imposes sanctions on Eritrea over ties with North Korea

The US has imposed further sanctions on Eritrea, this time for attempting to buy military equipment from North Korea.

10 March 17

Somalia: US to step up offensive against Al-Shabaab

The US is gearing up to increase its military presence in Somalia, as it looks to stop the spread of Al-Shabaab and other terrorist groups in the country.

17 February 16

US Denies Reports One of Its Drones Has Crashed in Somalia

The Pentagon has denied claims from Somali-based militant group Al-Shabaab that one of its drones has crashed in the Horn of Africa country.


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