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30 April 19

South Sudan hires US lobbyists to block war crimes court

South Sudan’s government has hired US lobbyists to help it reverse sanctions imposed by the US and prevent the establishment of a court that would prosecute those guilty of committing war crimes in the country.

25 February 18

South Sudan: UN identifies military officials accused of war crimes

United Nations investigators say they have identified more than 40 South Sudanese military officials accused of committing war comes and crimes against humanity.

31 October 17

How many African nations will follow Burundi’s departure from the ICC

Last week, Burundi became the first nation to withdraw from the Rome Statute, bringing an end to the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction in the African country. A year after the country first threatened to abandon the Hague-based court, Burundi has
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24 May 17

UN: South Sudan guilty of killing civilians, possible war crimes

The UN on Friday accused South Sudanese soldiers of killing over 100 civilians and other atrocities that may constitute war crimes during the second half of last year.

15 June 16

US, Britain Push for War Crimes Court in South Sudan

The United States and Britain have both pledged to support an African Union (AU) effort to establish a war crimes court in South Sudan.

06 April 16

Does the ICC Have an Agenda Against African Nations?

Earlier this year the African Union (AU) voted in favour of a proposal to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC). The campaign, which has been spearheaded by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, defines a sentiment popular among many African leaders:
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23 March 16

ICC: Former Congolese Rebel Leader Guilty of War Crimes

Former Congolese vice-president and rebel leader Jean-Pierre Bemba has been found guilty of war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC).


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