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30 September 22

Ruto Pledges Credit Reforms in Kenya

It seems like President William is already acting on his campaign promise of credit reforms. The president had promised a new economic model that will favor low-income earners through affordable credit. In his popular campaign phrase ‘bottom up’ the new
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14 September 22

William Ruto Faces Great Economic Challenges Ahead as He Becomes Fifth Kenyan President

William Ruto is expected to be sworn in as the fifth president of Kenya today. The celebrations will not take long though as the county’s economy faces huge challenges. Maize Flour Cost President William Ruto’s immediate challenge will be to
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01 October 16

Is the International Community at Fault for Africa’s Refugee Problems?

This week Kenya’s Deputy President blamed the international community for failing to deal with the world’s growing migrant crisis. Speaking during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, William Ruto accused global leaders of leaving the task up to
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04 May 16

Kenya: Ruto Lawyers Seeks Legal Action Against ICC Staff, Witnesses

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto is seeking to take legal action against various International Criminal Court (ICC) staff members and witnesses that testified against him.

08 April 16

ICC Throws Out Charges Against Kenya’s Ruto

The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday threw out charges against Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto.


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