Tanzania: John Magufuli says his party will stay in forever


Tanzania President John Magufuli has said that his party will remain in power forever.

During a live speech broadcast on radio and television on Monday night, the Tanzanian leader said the country’s ruling party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), will remain in power indefinitely and delivered a warning to the party’s opponents.

Magufuli says CMM will stay in power forever

Tanzania’s controversial president, who is increasingly criticised by rights groups for his authoritarian rule, said that his party will remain “in power forever , for eternity” during the live broadcast.

He also warmed political opponents of his ruling party that they will “always have problems.”

“The CCM is here and will continue to be here – forever,” Magufuli said during his speech on Monday. “Members of the CCM, you can walk with your heads held high,” he added. “There is no alternative to the CCM.”

Earlier this week, Magufuli drew criticism once again from rights groups over his comments that prisoners should be forced to work, urging prison officers to kick them if they refuse.

John Magufuli was elected in 2015 and drew early praise for his hardline approach to tackling corruption in Tanzania. However, his reputation has steadily declined as his regime is accused of suppressing human rights as well as press and political freedoms.

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