Think-tank: War, hunger and extremism to worsen across Africa in 2018


Humanitarian crises including war, hunger and extremism will increase across Africa in 2018, according to a report released by Geneva-based think-tank ACAPS on Thursday.

The report analyses humanitarian issues in the world’s most conflict-ridden countries and the forecast for many African nations in 2018 isn’t promising. ACAPS suggests that violence, food insecurity and Islamist extremist will become increasingly prevalent in the coming year.

A difficult 2018 for many African nations

Source: ACAPS

The report from ACAPS focuses on the humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, CAR, Congo, DRC, Ethiopia, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

Africa’s most troubled nations feature heavily in the report and the summary for 2018 makes for troubling reading:

  • Food security is likely to deteriorate into 2018 in northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Yemen, and there are risks of pockets of famine in these countries.
  • Massive increase of IDPs recorded in CAR, Congo, DRC, Iraq, Mali, and Somalia throughout the year is likely to continue rising into 2018.
  • Poor WASH and health facilities are likely to further exacerbate ongoing cholera crises in Congo, DRC, Nigeria, and Yemen into 2018.
  • Number of people in need of protection assistance is likely to increase in 2018 in DRC, Iraq, Libya, Mali, South Sudan, Sudan, and among the Rohingya population.

“If 2017 did not look good, predictions for 2018 are no better: violence and insecurity are likely to deteriorate in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Ethiopia, Mali, Somalia, and Syria next year,” ACAPS director Lars Peter Nissen writes in the report.

Ethiopia in famine risk

A key development for Africa, according to the report, is that Ethiopia will join northeast Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan as countries at risk of famine. ACAPS isn’t the only organisation to make this prediction and some reports suggest Kenya could also be at risk of famine next year.

Earlier this year, the UN declared famine in parts of Yemen, South Sudan and northeast South Sudan, calling it the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. Famine status was later lifted in South Sudan but the country still faces food insecurity and the list of countries at risk of famine looks set to increase in 2018.

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