Two Police Officers Killed in Kenya Al-Shabaab Attack


Two police officers were killed and many more injured in an Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya’s Mandera County on Sunday.

The militant group attacked a police vehicle as it was escorting officers through El Wak Town, on its way to Takaba, on Sunday morning. Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia blamed the attack on poor planning by security officers.


Poor planning

“We cannot have six officers going through the area because it has been marked as a hot spot for quite some time,” Mr Shisia said. “Similar mistakes led to the loss of a military officer and others who have been injured last month at the same spot.”

The attack took place near the same region where a Kenya Defense Force (KDF) officer was killed and two others injured in an Al-Shabaab attack less than one month ago. The Mandera County shares an eastern border with Somalia, making it easy for militants to stage attacks on Kenyan soil and quickly escape back over the border.


Recurring attacks

This latest attack follows a suspected attempt to target KDF officers in Mandera County failed on Saturday. A suspected militant was killed in the foiled attack and three others injured after an IED explosive they were attempting to plant on the road detonated, killing one of them instantly.

The group was spotted by KDP forces which was said to have panicked the suspected militants.

“A KDF commander spotted a group of suspects on the road leading to Garsesala Dam,” Mr Shisia said. “On seeing the security officers, they panicked, leading to the death of one suspect. Several others fled with injuries.”

The area has been under police surveillance since a recent bus attack saw Muslim passengers stand up to militant gunmen in defense of their Christian counterparts earlier this month.


Featured image:
Shabab” by IngomanOwn work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.