Uganda: Ex-police chief arrested over spokesperson’s killing


Authorities in Uganda have arrested former police chief Army general Kale Kayihura over the killing of a senior police spokesperson in 2017.

General Kayihura, who was fired as inspector general of police in March was taken into custody on Wednesday by soldiers, on suspicion of killing police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi. Uganda’s military confirmed Kayihura’s arrest in a statement but didn’t mention the reason behind his detention.

Ex-police chief arrested

Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi was along with his driver and bodyguard near his home in the capital Kampala in March 2017 as they drove to work. Investigators have arrested multiple suspects since the three were killed and identified the weapon used as an M4 rifle but no suspects have been convicted of the crime.

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday said the government will implement new security measures to reduce crime in the country. General Kayihura has been previously criticised by opposition and rights activists for failing to deal with high crime levels in the East African nation. He was also criticised during his role as police chief over heavy crackdowns against opposition rallies where security forces broke up crowds using tear gas and beat protesters.

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