Uganda Minister Dies On Return From South Korea


Uganda’s Minister of Internal Affairs, General Aronda Nyakairima,  has died suddenly on a return flight from South Korea.

A statement was released on Saturday to confirm the news and announce an investigation would follow to determine the cause of death. Government spokesperson Ofwono Opomdo later confirmed the Ugandan official died of a heart attack on transit in Dubai.

Aronda’s Unexpected death

Nyakairima was on official duty in South Korea but only made it as far as Dubai on his return, after reportedly complaining of stomach pains before he collapsed. Cardiac arrest has been confirmed as the cause of death by Ugandan officials, although an investigation continues and there are no reports yet of any health condition that may have lead to the heart attack or caused stomach pains.

A team of pathologists have been sent to Dubai to assist with the post-mortem and an official statement is expected soon. Nyakairima was 56 years old and believed to be in good health prior to his death.

Risk of assassination

Many will be seeking answers after General Nyakairima was mentioned in a letter by a renegade general as one of three senior public officials at risk of assassination in their opposition to the son of Uganda President, Yoweri Museveni.

The letter from renegade David Sejusa asked Ugandan security agencies to investigate allegations of planned assassinations and influential human rights lawyer, Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi, says the general’s death will be seen “in the context” of Sejusa’s claims.

Aronda Nyakairima had been acting as Uganda’s Minister of Internal Affairs since 2013. He had previously been the nation’s Chief of Defence Forces – the highest ranking military position in the country – from 2003. Nyakairima is widely credited for his efforts in pushing out violent war criminal Joseph Kony from Ugandan territory.


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