Uganda police clash with Bobi Wine supporters


Police in Uganda have clashed with supporters of arrested pop star and MP Bobi Wine, firing tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators taking to the streets to demand his release.

Wine was arrested on Monday over his alleged involvement in a street protest in 2018 over a social media tax but it’s not the first time authorities have targeted the outspoken critic of President Yoweri Museveni. Crowds of supporters held rallies in several parts of the capital, Kampala, on Tuesday calling for his release.

Police clash with Bobi Wine supporters

Police officers clashed with Bobi Wine supporters at numerous rallies with tear gas and rubber bullets being fired to disperse crowds. Ugandan police later issued a statement saying there was a minor incident involving some youths attempting to demonstrate but the issue was quickly brought under control.

Speaking to AFP news agency, Kampala Red Cross Manager Praise Turyebwa said there were clashes between police and youths throwing stones at the advancing officers. A number of people were injured and some were taken to Mulago hospital for treatment.

Bobi Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, just two days after being placed under house arrest by authorities for attempting to travel to a music venue where he planned to hold a concert. The event was cancelled by authorities the previous day.

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