Uganda president calls on youth to ‘wake up’ and pull country out of poverty, joblessness


Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has called on young people in the country to “wake up” and pull themselves out of poverty and joblessness.

Speaking at the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) Conference Hall at Lugogo in Kampala over the weekend, Museveni gave a passionate rallying call to young people in Uganda, urging them to become the driving force behind development in the country.

Museveni’s ‘wake up’ call

“I want the youth to wake up so that we develop our country in order to come out of poverty and joblessness,” Museveni told the National Youth Council during his speech. The president addressed some of the biggest issues facing young people in Uganda during International Youth Day celebrations, including population growth and a lack of property, jobs and skills to support them.

Museveni promised the government will work to help empower the country’s youth but called on young people in Uganda to take the initiative and become a stronger economic asset to Uganda’s developmental needs.

“You are very lucky in a very rich country and your parents are rich because they spend money to enrich others by importing these things,” Museveni said. I want an action plan by the youth so that we stop this haemorrhage of spending US$7 billion on imports every year.”

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