Uganda: Tourist kidnapped by gunmen during safari


Security officials in Uganda are stepping up their search efforts after an American tourist and her local guide were kidnapped at a national park.

A group of tourists taking part in a game drive at Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda was ambushed by gunmen on Tuesday. Three tourists were accompanied by a local guide when the group was held at gunpoint. Two of the tourists managed to escape but the guide and an American woman were seized by the armed group.

Kidnappers demand money for hostages

Police in Uganda say the kidnappers have used the victim’s phone to demand $500,000 in return for the tourist and her guide. The US State Department has confirmed it is aware of reports that an American citizen has been kidnapped and said Ugandan security forces are dealing with the incident.

The State Department hasn’t identified the woman but Reuters has identified her as Kimberley Sue Endecott.

In May, Ugandan police said kidnappings are on the rise in the country with 40 cases having been reported in recent months before the statement. Protestors took to the streets in June to demonstrate against a perceived lack of action by the government to tackle the issue and authorities acknowledge that anxiety is growing due to the problem.

Tourism is Uganda’s leading foreign exchange earner and national parks are a major source of revenue for the environmentally-rich nation.

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