Ugandan musician dies after abduction, torture


A musician and blogger in Uganda has died from injuries sustained after being kidnapped and tortured by unknown people.

Ziggy Wine, whose real name is Michael Kalinda, died on Sunday night after being detained by his abductors for a week. He was dumped at Mulago hospital in the capital of Kampala with horrific injuries, including his left eye pulled out, two severed fingers and numerous burns believed to have been from a flat iron.

Tortured Ugandan musician dies

Ziggy Wine was signed to Firebase Entertainment, the record label of fellow musician and MP, Bobi Wine – whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi. Kyagulanyi paid tributes to his counterpart early on Monday, posting a tribute to Ziggy Wine on Twitter.

“Our friend Ziggy Wine could not make it,” he said. “He passed on last night- succumbing to injuries sustained after a horrendous encounter with kidnap & torture. Very painful! He joins other countless Ugandans. As we mourn him, we resolve to work even harder to end this. Rest well brother.”

Ziggy Wine’s kidnappers are unknown but some reports have claimed he was taken by state agents.

Police in Uganda have confirmed there is a probe into the circumstances of the musician’s death.

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