UN accuses Ukraine of selling weapons to South Sudan


The United Nations has accused Ukraine of violating an international arms embargo placed on South Sudan by supplying the war-torn country with weapons.

A report by the UN panel of experts (PoE), which is responsible for monitoring international compliance with the arms embargo, accuses the country of supplying vehicles and heavy-duty weaponry blamed for prolonging the country’s ongoing civil conflict.


Ukraine accused of selling weapons

The UN PoE says they recently received documents from a confidential source that details a contract signed in 2014 for the sale of weapons.

the list of weapons cited include 30 T-55 tanks, 20 ZU-23 anti-aircraft weapons, 5,000 rounds of T-55 tank ammunition, 10 BM-21 “Grad” rocket systems, 10,000 122-mm M21OF rockets, 3,000 S8 rockets for Russian-made Mi-24 attack helicopters, 20 million rounds of 7.62X39mm ammunition, 50, 000 AK-47 assault rifles and 12,000 RPG-7 rounds.

The report also claims border areas between South Sudan and neighbouring countries Sudan and Uganda were used as entry points for the arms to be delivered to South Sudan.


UN panel investigating sale

The panel of experts says it is also investigating the case of flight between operating by the Ukrainian defence ministry on January 27 this year. The aircraft flew from Kharkiv, bound for Gulu in Uganda, and documents reveal the plane was carrying two L-39 jets on board.

The UN says Ukraine’s government has already confirmed the jets were sent to Uganda but insists they were listed to be used by Uganda’s military for the purposes of pilot training only.

The UN panel of experts says it is investigating whether the planes were taken to South Sudan, following their arrival in Uganda, after reports of aircraft with strange markings spotted at Juba airport.


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