UN Fears Burundi Coup Attempt, Tanzania Cholera Outbreak


A UN forecast that predicts political and natural disasters fears a coup attempt in volatile Burundi could extend violence across the country.

The report, entitled the Alert, Early Warning and Readiness Report, also raises concerns of an approaching Cholera outbreak in Tanzania as the effects of El Niño intensify.


Burundi divided

The prospect of another coup attempt in Burundi is becoming increasingly likely, according to the report. Divisions in the army increase the risk of a military takeover and the chances of another civil war in the country.

Government crackdowns on soldiers considered traitors have increased, while assassination attempts on military figures have become common. However, the violence extends to politicians and the general public – particularly in Bujumbura, where new bodies are found almost every day.

The UN fears government oppression will intensify beyond the nation’s capital as violence continues to escalate.


Potential Cholera outbreak in Tanzania

The report also predicts a cholera outbreak in Tanzania, where water sources are “heavily contaminated”. Cholera is already present in the capital Dar es Salaam, the islands of Zanzibar and most regions of Tanzania.

The fear is that global weather phenomenon El Niño will cause severe flooding in parts of East Africa. This would signify a number of health crises across the region, with a Cholera outbreak expected in Tanzania.

The report also cites Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia as high-risk nations in the region as El Niño gathers pace.

“Many areas within Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are prone to flash flooding, mud slides, lightning strikes and water-borne and animal health diseases,” the report says.


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