UN Hails Tanzania Growth Progress


In a big week of UN meetings the international body has hailed Tanzania’s quick progress with new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs are a new set of global development goals set out by the UN, which come into effect at the end of this year – and Tanzania has been praised for already integrating the goals into its domestic development programmes.

A global front against poverty

The new SDGs see governments from around the world agree on a strategy for the first time to end poverty. The UN’s Tanzania Resident Coordinator, Alvaro Rodriguez, outlined their aims at the launch in Dar es Salaam.

“These goals will help all nations and all people share prosperity, reduce poverty and protect the planet from climate change. They will address the interconnected elements of sustainable development, which includes economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection,” he said.

Tanzania pledges to continue development

Tanzania has already been praised for its progress over the last 15 years with Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which the new SDGs will replace this year. And the country has pledged to continue hitting targets for the next 15 years, as worldwide governments look to end poverty once and for all.

Ahmed Makame, a commissioner from the Zanzibar Planning Commission, has expressed his pride over Tanzania’s progress and quick actions to implement SDG policies:

“I feel optimistic that Tanzania is starting the road to meet the SDGs on the right foot,” he said. “As we have learnt from the Millennium Development Goals, we saw how important it was to align the national development strategy to the global goals.”

The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 targets, set out by the UN, to end all forms of poverty and a number of other global issues by 2030. The aim is for all countries to be on a path towards economic sustainability, in conjunction with human rights standards, environmental policies, healthcare systems and other development goals.


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