UN to blame for Ethiopia-Eritrea border crisis, analyst says


The United Nations Security Council is to blame for the ongoing border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea, according to an Eritrean-American analyst and writer with the U.S. Foundation for the Horn of Africa.

Sophia Tesfamlariam’s comments were published on the website of Eritrea’s Ministry of Information, in an article entitled Impotence of the United Nations and Ethiopia’s Impunity. In the article, she questions: “Why is the UN Security Council refusing to enforce its own resolutions on the Eritrea Ethiopia border issue? Why is the Council allowing Ethiopia to feel that it can violate resolutions with impunity?”

UN role in Ethiopia-Eritrea dispute

In her article, Sophia Tesfamlariam blames a lack of enforcement of UN resolutions regarding the shred border between Ethiopia and Eritrea for ongoing tensions between the neighbouring countries. She argues that the UN has allowed Ethiopia to flout international law to the extent it ignores successive resolutions that define where the border should lie between both countries.

“By refusing to take any punitive actions, the UN Security Council, long considered to be the vanguard of international peace and security, has emboldened the minority regime in Ethiopia to flout international law and continue to violate the rights of the Eritrean people to live in peace and security within their own internationally recognized borders,” she writes in her article.

“It is the responsibility of the UN Security Council to enforce the EEBC’s final and binding delimitation and demarcation decisions,”

April 13 marks sixteen years since the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) gave its final ruling on the border between the two countries. However, Eritrea has repeatedly accused Ethiopia of violating the ruling by illegally occupying territory on its side of the border.

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