US hits South Sudan with arms embargo, EU sanctions officials


The United States is imposing an arms embargo on South Sudan with the Trump administration urges the UN and other countries to do the same.

The State Department confirmed on Friday that it’s imposing the embargo as relations between the US and South Sudan continue to deteriorate. While the EU also imposed sanctions against three current and former officials implicated in human rights violations and obstructing South Sudan’s peace process.

The US imposes arms embargo

The US arms embargo against South Sudan restricts all sales of weapons and other defence equipment to the country. However, the State Department is aware this will have a limited effect on South Sudan’s civil conflict. The US is calling upon the United Nations to impose a global embargo against South Sudan and for the countries neighbours to impose similar embargos.

“The message must be clear – the United States, the region and the international community will not stand idly by as innocent South Sudanese civilians are murdered,” the State Department’s statement said.

This comes after US ambassador Nikki Haley said the United States no longer supports South Sudan President Salva Kiir, calling him an “unfit partner” last month.

EU sanctions against officials

Two South Sudanese officials and one former official also had sanctions placed against them by the European Union on Friday. Former army Chief of Staff General Paul Malong, Deputy Chief of Defense and Inspector General Malek Reuben Riak and Information Minister Michael Makuei Leuth now face asset freezes and travel bans to EU countries.

The EU move comes five months after the US imposed similar sanctions against the trio “for their roles in threatening the peace, security, or stability of South Sudan.”.

Great Britain has welcomed the sanctions and said it will do its part in trying to bring an end to the conflict in South Sudan.

“It is more vital than ever that those undermining the peace process recognize the price of their actions,” said Britain’s minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin. “The UK has played a leading role in pushing for these sanctions at an EU level and it is right that we are taking tough action against those who continue to act against the interests of the South Sudanese people.”

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