WHO: Pneumonic plague outbreak on Uganda-DRC border


The World Health Orgainzation (WHO) says a deadly form of pneumonic plague has broken out along Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The organisation revealed several people are believed to have died from the disease but praised health workers in Uganda for quickly responding to the suspected outbreak. At least five deaths have been attributed to the disease recent weeks and health workers are monitoring dozens of people who came into contact with the deceased.

Plague outbreak on Uganda-DRC border

While investigations into the outbreak are ongoing, it is believed all of the people suspected to have died from the disease were from the DRC – some of whom travelled to Uganda for treatment.

Uganda’s health ministry first reported two probable cases of the illness on March 5 following the death of a 35-year-old woman displaying symptoms consistent with the disease. Investigations later revealed the woman had lived in the DRC’s Ituri province where her child had died a matter of days before she succumbed to her own symptoms.

Seeing that the mother was sick at her child’s burial, the woman’s relatives took her to Uganda for treatment. Her 23-year-old cousin also reported similar symptoms but the patient’s condition is steadily improving, according to WHO.

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